How Does LepTrim® Work?

By Normalizing Leptin.


  • LepTrim signals Leptin receptors in the digestive system, then signals the brain, and then signals the body to use fat as energy because Leptin levels have been reduced.
  • Leptin receptors are in the stomach, digestive system, fat cells and they circulate in the blood. Leptin regulates appetite and fat loss.
  • LepTrim is a specialized blend of high viscosity polysaccharides, which have a mechanism of signaling Leptin directly throughout the entire digestive system, liver and brain. This mechanism also involves Leptin receptors located in the stomach.
  • The product creates strong satiety signaling by lowering Leptin. LepTrim reduces the appetite drive as well as lowering Leptin in the digestive system first, then spills over into the plasma, which in turn reduces blood Leptin levels and then signals the body to take stored fat and use as energy.
  • Centuries ago, high Leptin levels were good to help retain fat for survival in times of frequent famines. Today, lower Leptin levels are good to then signal the body to use the stored and dietary fat for energy.