How soon will I notice results?

LepTrim® generally takes 2 – 4 weeks to lower Leptin and to noticeably see the visual signs of reducing body fat. After 4 weeks LepTrim® goes into overdrive and accelerates the reduction of stored fat – independent of your dietary habits. Prior to this 2 – 4 week period you feel more energetic as Leptin levels are being lowered continuously as you take LepTrim®, signaling the body to use the stored and dietary fat as energy.

The results being most noticeable are the reduction of the waist, then the reshaping of the waist for greater firmness and sleekness. Women will start to notice a difference after two to six weeks, men four to six weeks.

We strongly recommend taking your measurements before starting, as you may notice a difference there first before you start losing weight (for example, you’ll notice that your clothes are looser). Measure your waist at the level of the navel, and your hips at their widest point.