The Problem


the higher the Leptin levels the greater the storage of fat.

Overweight people do not make this call properly. There is plenty of Leptin, it’s just not getting through to your brain. The fat cells call the brain repeatedly and the brain does not answer. The brain, therefore, thinks the body is still starving (SURVIVAL MODE KICKS IN) and continues to order the storage of fat even though there may be plenty of fat in storage. This is called Leptin resistance. The result is fat cells just become larger and more fat is stored.

The Problem is that Leptin levels rise as we age, which works for the short term survival for people during famines or shortages of food supplies.

However, high Leptin levels are a primary contributor to heart disease, diabetes and have an amazingly correlative relationship to the storage of fat around the waist for men; waist, and the hips and thighs for women.


Can you lower Leptin?

Woman Standing on ScaleWoman Standing on Scale In a scientific setting researchers have attempted to lower Leptin. Continuous and excessive levels of exercise do not lower Leptin levels. A low fat diet does not lower Leptin. Many of the fat free cookies, cakes, corn chips, etc. cause Leptin levels to rise thereby modifying the body into becoming even more efficient at storing fat.




Clinical human studies have shown significant loss of fat, an increase of lean muscle, loss of inches around the mid section (or waist), with significart and dramatic improvement in body composition.