What is Leptin?

  • Leptin signals the body to take stored fat and use this fat as energy.
  • Leptin is a regulator of body fat storage and is controlled through the central nervous system.
  • Leptin is a hormone that is secreted by fat cells in white adipose tissue.
  • Leptin was found to be a signal to the brain, having a primary influence on body weight.
  • When Leptin works properly, it’s getting through to the brain and telling the brain that the body is full, to stop eating.


In a normal situation,

  • Leptin is instrumental in satiation, fullness, glycemic control and metabolism.
  • Your white adipose tissue is trying to make a phone call to the brain.
  • The message on the call is Leptin. The amount of Leptin in that call tells the brain how much fat is in reserve. This information allows the brain to regulate energy fat for the rest of the body.